When in the course of blogging events it becomes necessary to abandon the draft of a blog and change gears the best reasons to do so is because you won a Greg award. Not the blogging award, but still (that deservedly went to Sierra’s To Kill a Mocking Nerd). The Spirit of the Gregs is …

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Three things I didn’t I know I didn’t know

This isn’t my first foray into blogging. I’ve been doing it since before the term existed, back when we called these things “online journals” (my LiveJournal account was opened May 27, 2000) and through the brief transition from “weblog” (which originated to tell readers of something interesting you’d found online) to blogging as it is …

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Learn to Live

The decision to return to school has been one of the biggest, most impactful decisions I have made for my life in a very long time. I have always loved learning, and I don’t think I ever stopped even after my first college diploma, even after I entered the job market and even after I …

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