Learn to Live

The decision to return to school has been one of the biggest, most impactful decisions I have made for my life in a very long time.

I have always loved learning, and I don’t think I ever stopped even after my first college diploma, even after I entered the job market and even after I turned forty. The urge to develop new skills, to understand what I don’t, to explore new topics and new ideas is one that I’ve had for a very long time.

It was on a lark that I decided to go back to school. I was having a conversation one day with a group of friends and lamented the fact that all of my staff, and all of my friends, were going to, or back to, school and I was feeling left behind. I expressed my love to school and the learning process, and my jealousy that others were experiencing what I wished so badly to do. I didn’t, at that time, think that school was an option for me.

Then, about an hour after that conversation, I received an email from one of the people I’d been speaking to earlier. In it was a list of courses that still had openings at St. Lawrence College.

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