Hello, I am marketing communications specialist

Terry McGinn

Marketing communications is a fundamental part of a brand’s approach to interacting with its audience.

Let me help you build your marketing communications plan today

Student of St. Lawrence College's Advertising and Marketing Communications program.

I am currently pursuing an advanced diploma in Advertising and Marketing, with a particular interest in strategic marketing planning, public relations, and copywriting.

What I Offer

As a well-rounded marketing professional I enjoy taking on any marketing problem, but a few of my specialties are listed below.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing succeeds without a plan, I can help you build yours


The only limit to the power of words is how well they're used

Social Media

Let's explore your potential reach in the online space!

Public Relations

Identify your publics and build their connection to you

Rural Marketing

Every rural business has a story, together we can tell yours

Select Portfolio Pieces

These are some of my favourite things

IMC Marketing Plan for client

A complete IMC marketing plan for a class client

Maplemarsh Farm logo and branding

My other business, growing market-ready vegetable for my local community

charity: water fundraising effort

A class-wide campaign of which I was a co-lead that raised more than $14,000

Qualified In :