Blogging is one of those oh, so important content pieces when it comes to building an online presence. I wrote my first blog before the word was invented – back in the days when everything on the Internet was centred down the middle and coded by hand – I’m pretty sure I even used Comic Sans. The horror. I don’t think anyone could have known then what blogging was destined to become, but I for one have sure enjoyed watching it happen.

A selection of blog posts I’ve written:


Amherst Island Beacon

The Amherst Island Beacon has existed since the 1970s as a monthly newsletter in my home town. When its first editor retired he approached me to continue to the Beacon tradition and begin the search for a new permanent editor. I updated the branding, curated content, and contributed to this great institution of my home town until its new, permanent editor could be found.

Essays Three Ways

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